The author of the project is the artist Mikhail Dyachkov, a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.

The site presents the works of the master, based on which the main tool is light.

Light is the source of the Visible and the Invisible. Our eyes see only a small part of the entire spectrum of light. But this window for us is the whole visible world, colorful, amazing and incomprehensible. Light is not only everything we see, but also what we can feel and imagine. Light creates mood, visualizes impressions, creates or transforms form, space itself!

light cantata
The rainbow is meaningless. It's just a spectrum of light, but we always look at it with awe! We are naturally given to enjoy the purest sounds of light! The power of this energy was understood and used by painters. With the strength with which they were allowed to paint ...
The Light Cantata project was created on the basis of white light refraction or dispersion. The principle of optical refraction of white light into a spectrum is the basis of an artist's unlimited palette. The artist uses the latest technology to extract pure spectrum using dichroic filters and a variety of optical devices. Unique creations of light painting - from the birth of color to its transformation in space.
The light that gives birth to color and its shades, unlike paint, is not static, it enlivens the environment, goes beyond the picture in the literal and figurative sense.
The site presents unique light installations and examples of creating a controlled color environment in the interior.
A number of works are in private collections. Installations are exhibited in Russian and international galleries.

Light polyhedrons

Collection of light polyhedra - icosahedrons, dodecahedrons. Suspended and floor installations designed by lighting artist Mikhail Dyachkov. Minimalism, natural materials, ease and convenience of integration into any space. The original author's solutions are represented by a rich collection of patterns that turn into an amazing light pattern in the interior. The master uses metal, various types of wood, stained glass elements and dichroic filters. Finished works can be purchased at the artist's studio or ordered a new original drawing and size.



One of the significant projects of the creative path of Mikhail Dyachkov is the interactive light and music installations Fusion-emotion and Fusion-emotion-Ambience.

The concept of this project is based on the interactive combination of light and sound. Three participants simultaneously travel through synchronized sound channels and shades of light, creating unique combinations of light and music performance. The projects were installed in numerous art spaces: Central House of Artists, House of Music, Wild Mint Festival, Red October, Crocus City, Sovincenter, Winzavod and many others.