"Colours in amenity of their matching can relate to each other like musical harmony and be
mutually proportional"

Fusion Emotion - a new kind of interactive art, performance, connecting the love for harmony of sound and color in a unique show.

The author of the project is the artist Mikhail Dyachkov.

The goal of the project is to develop the art of light management as a tool for creativity.

The project creates a variety of forms of artistic light. Light as a source of color palette, mood, rhythm. Color as music visualization ...

In interactive installations, light becomes a plastic art object. Light, giving birth to a color, shades, transforming space and going beyond the boundaries in a literal and figurative sense.

The site presents unique luminaires for creating a controlled color environment in the interior.

A number of author's works are in private collections. The art installations is exhibited in Russian and international galleries.

Also one of the significant projects is the light-music installation Fusion-emotion and Fusion-emotion-Ambience. Now installations are in demand on public platforms and event-events.

Light-music experiments continue. The study of the synaesthesia of our perception is actual. Interaction with the light music of people of different ages and interests gives a unique practical experience. A theoretical base is being created, interesting in various fields: contemporary art, design, entertainment, education, psychology, etc.